Carnival of Money Stories #85

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This week’s edition of the Carnival of Money Stories #85 – Christmas Stories Edition at PT Money! Make sure you head over there and check out all of the great submissions!

Editor’s Picks

The Dough Roller presents The Great Debate: Fake Christmas Tree vs. Real Christmas Tree saying: “A must know comparison on whether your not you should buy a real or fake Christmas tree this year.”

Money Thinking presents Don’t Overspend This Christmas saying: “I grew up in a home where generosity was a huge thing. It wasn’t odd to see hundreds of dollars worth of presents under the tree. But with this generosity came a lot of arguments; my stepdad would just roll his eyes at my mom, or my mom would argue with my disabled grandma. ‘You’ve spent too much!’ They would max out credit…”

Jeff Rose presents How Much Are Premiums on Term Life Insurance If You Use Tobacco? saying: “I always assumed that life insurance for tobacco users was more expensive than those that don’t use it, but I never realized how much more.”

Consumerism Commentary presents Make More Money By Sleeping More saying: “Seems counterintuitive but sleeping should help you earn more money!”

The Digerati Life presents Building A Better Blog & Bootstrapping An Online Business saying: “I offer a checkpoint on where I am with my online business and talk about both some good and bad things to watch out for as an Internet entrepreneur.”

Thanks to all of this week’s participants and especially our great host! Next week’s edition will be held at Bucksome Boomer. Make sure you head over to the submissions page to learn how to get your post in!

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