Carnival of Money Stories #96 The Penny Pincher Edition

Carnival Ride by brent_nashville
This week’s edition of the Carnival of Money Stories #96 Penny Pincher Edition is up at Squirrelers! Make sure you head over there and check out all of the great submissions.

Editor’s Picks

FMF presents Secrets of a Former Credit Card Thief at Free Money Finance, saying “ Stories from a former credit card thief — and what we can learn from them”

Shawanda Greene presents Uncommon Advice That’ll Change Your Life at You Have More Than You think

Jacob presents Helping A Friend Get Out of Debt – Part 1 – Collect Your Debts at My Personal Finance Journey, saying “The first chapter of a story about me helping a friend get out of his credit card debt. What’s the first step? Start by collecting all of your debts!”

Craig presents Is It Worthwhile to Move to Save Costs? at Free From Broke, saying  ” How long do you have to be in the new location to reap the rewards of moving?”

Evan presents Why I Will be Purchasing Life Insurance on My Newborn Baby at My Journey to Millions, saying “Purchasing life insurance for a baby can be a controversial subject. Here is why my wife and I are purchasing it for our newborn.”

Thanks to all of this week’s participants and especially our great host! Next week’s edition will be held at Complex Search. Make sure you head over to the submissions page to learn how to get your post in!

The Carnival is in need of hosts. If hosts cannot be found the carnival will have to go on hiatus until more interest is shown. Please sign up today!

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