Carnival of Money Stories #99

Fair Food by brent_nashville
This week’s edition of the Carnival of Money Stories #99 is up at Funny About Money! Make sure you head over there and check out all of the great submissions.

Editor’s Picks

Thinking about starting an eBay business? Think again! Before you jump off that cliff, go to Mom’s Plan and read Melissa’s hair-raising story of her misadventures with eBay.

The Financial Blogger considers what life would be like without a business partner.

Any of us who have been moms or dads will get a kick out of Melissa’s story of the kids and the furniture over at Parenting Family Money. LOL! One of the great joys of old age is being able to gaze fondly at other people’s cute little kids and think, “Ahhh! We’ll never have to do that again!

Wanna feel the hair stand up on your head? Tool on over to Money Thinking and contemplate Money Thinker’s The Plague of the Pre-existing Condition. Yipe!

Thanks to all of this week’s participants and especially our great host! Next week’s edition will be held at Out of Debt Again. Make sure you head over to the submissions page to learn how to get your post in!

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